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Today, DST Has More Disadvantages Than Advantages

Daylight saving time is a practice of forwarding the clocks so as to enjoy more daylight during the summer months. You can also refer to daylight saving time using summer time or daylight savings time. If you live in the daylight saving time regions, you are required to advance your clock by an hour as you are approaching the spring and in autumn, you should set your clock back to the normal time. During the World War 1, daylight savings time was started in order to save on energy. Daylight savings time has more demerits than merits today. The following are the reasons why we need to stop daylight savings time.

The number of car accidents has risen as a result of the DST. As the daylight saving time is starting, drivers sleep for fewer hours. Austin C an economist found that sleep deprivation to drivers causes more road deaths by snatching the drivers’ concentration when there are on wheels. In order to reduce this number of death, the daylight saving time should be abolished.

Daylight saving time has led to high energy bills. The person who came up with the idea of DST wanted to solve the energy crisis which was there initially. Today, we have no energy crisis hence the DST should be abolished. Households are spending more on energy because of DST. People in the regions which use daylight saving are able to save on lighting but spend more on air conditioning. After daylight saving time is stopped, people in the regions which have summer will save on energy.

Research shows that many cases of heart attacks are caused by daylight savings time. The blocking of the blood vessels found in the heart leads to a heart attack. The hour of sleep one loses after the clocks are advanced can lead to heart attack. Researchers discovered these by comparing the number of heart attacks on Monday after the clocks are forwarded and other Mondays during the year. In order to reduce the cases of heart attacks, let us abolish DST.

Traveling, medical billing, and bookkeeping is more challenging after the clocks are advanced. Once clocks have gained an hour, travelers, bookkeepers, and record keepers are also forced to adjust their clocks. In order to give the travelers, bookkeepers and record keepers and easy time, we need to approve this petition.

Lastly, daylight savings time has affected the farmers negatively. The extra evening hour during daylight savings time affects the morning hours when the farmers are supposed to be going to the market to sell their products. The farmers have also had a hard time getting cows to adapt to the new milking hours. Once the DST is stopped, our farmers will be happy.

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