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Many times, business owners, companies, co-operations wonder how to improve their businesses, products and services as this not only promises an increase in profits but also a larger customer band in the long run. A good business is said to sell itself. To provide good customer service, you need to know who your customers are and what they want.

So, you deliver service on schedule and offer great customer service as well as smiles but you still find it hard to meet your targets. Could you be doing anything wrong?  Have you wondered how to get feedbacks from your customers?

Analyzing your website can give you insights into what your customers likes and dislikes, but  it is sometimes better to just ask them and get answers from them. Customer feedback is the most persuasive method to improve customer experience and marketing. It helps to understand the WHY behind what people are doing. Why most of your customers stop creating accounts or shopping with you. What causes customers to use your service less frequently (and sometimes stop altogether)?

Here are the best ways to get consistent and quantity feedback from your customers.

Surveys: Short and straight to the point surveys helps to know what to improve on. Ask what you really what to know. And don’t bore your customers with paragraphs.

Introduce initiatives: Initiatives like customer focus groups, customer survey cards or a suggestion box go a long way for a great customer experience. They send a clear message to your customers that you are interested in their input.

Adding suggestive ad-ons: For example, for a fashion related business that deals mainly in clothes, addons like “would you like shoes as well?” goes a long way to take improve customer experience. Also, a “how can we make this service (product or page) better for you” page not only shows the customer that you care about their overall experience but also helps you improve the quality of your services.

Take a poll: Business owners sometimes know what to do to improve their businesses but are sometimes at a crossroad of how to go about these improvements. Sometimes, these improvements options are narrowed down to two or three options, and sometimes what the business owner deems fit might not necessarily be the best customer wise, a poll will however help.

Reach out directly: Customers love this and it’s also quite the experience for service providers. Sometimes, if you don’t reach out and talk to your customers, you’ll never learn what’s really going on.

Others include: Providing a proactive live chat support and getting feedbacks, measuring customer service performance, email surveys, monitoring social channels, asking for feedback on order confirmation pages, creating an online community, using negative feedbacks to improve amongst others.

Reviews: Always encourage old customers to drop their product/service review and ask new customers to check out for reviews, it passes the message that you know what you are doing. Customer reviews cannot be overestimated.

But don’t take my word for it…

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