Convincing Your Employer to Finance Your Continued Education

These days, it’s hardly unusual for people to return to school after entering the working world. In some cases, these individuals wish to increase their earning power. In others, they wish to change career paths entirely. Unfortunately, continuing one’s education can often prove financially strenuous, particularly for people who have families to take care of. However, this doesn’t mean fiscally burdened students should give up on going back to school. Many employers are perfectly willing to finance the continued education of employees they deem valuable. Anyone intrigued by this prospect is urged to heed the following tips.

Put Together a Convincing Argument

In order to get your employer on board with the idea of paying for your schooling, you’ll need to put together a convincing argument. This means emphasizing the ways in which your employer stands to benefit from your continued education. When making your case, stress how much going back to school will help you perform your duties more effectively and efficiently and prove beneficial to the company’s bottom line. Before presenting your argument, do plenty of research and make sure you have cogent answers to any questions you anticipate being asked. To understand more about employer-financed education, head over to EmployeeConnect.

Research Company Policies on Education Financing

Although some employers have no official policies regarding education financing, a number of larger companies have clear guidelines on this issue. In some instances, receiving the financing you need is simply a matter of submitting paperwork. However, before applying, take care to carefully review any guidelines, as this will decrease your odds of making mistakes and having to reapply.

Put in Extra Effort at Your Job

As previously stated, many employers are willing to invest in employees they deem assets. Unsurprisingly, they generally aren’t as likely to invest in employees who do as little as possible and seldom bring their A-game to the workplace. This is why it pays to have some noteworthy accomplishments under your belt prior to making your request. Highlighting these accomplishments when making your case can easily tip the odds in your favor.

Continuing your education is a great way to boost your earning power and move up the corporate ladder. However, someone has to foot the bill – and it may as well be your employer. Provided you’re able to make a convincing case, many employers are happy to step in and help out with tuition costs.

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