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Citroen Supports the Launch of the Independent DS Brand with a Terrific New Hatchbackf

For quite a few years now, French automaker Citroen has been trying to expand its horizons. Since its founding in 1919, the manufacturer has been best known for producing affordable, practical vehicles that were also fun to drive.

While three global rally racing championships would together suggest the company was capable of more, it has remained something of a stodgy, practical presence in the minds of many buyers. With the introduction of the new ds5 under a dedicated brand, Citroen is intent on showing it has a lot more to offer.

The Flagship of Citroen’s New DS Luxury Brand

Just as Japanese manufacturers Toyota did with Lexus and Nissan with Infiniti, Citroen has decided to turn its DS badge into a full-fledged brand. With a number of recent vehicles of the DS line securing enthusiastic approval from audiences and reviewers alike, the time simply seemed right to kick off this major new initiative.

The 2018 version of the DS 5 is designed to ensure that plenty of momentum will be in place from the start. With the available hatchback looking something like a cross between Volkswagen’s Golf and the corresponding BMW 3 Series, Citroen’s styling has clearly come a long way.

Where the newest version of the DS 5 impresses the most, however, is with its many interior flourishes. While cars in its price range are expected to afford a certain amount of luxury and quality, the DS 5 does quite a bit better than most. Premium materials are found throughout, whether in the form of dense, soft-touch plastics or natural fabrics that enhance comfort levels and deaden sound. Citroen’s designers were clearly intent on making sure the launch of the semi-independent DS luxury brand would have a capable flag bearer.

A Great Start to a New Era in Citroen’s History

How the DS brand will fare in its new incarnation remains, of course, to be seen. What can be said for certain is that Citroen has not held the new brand back in any way with the introduction of the latest DS 5. Although there are a few points that still need to be addressed, the new vehicle is one that clearly belongs in its class.